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Arjun by Dr. Sweety Shinde
Arjun: Without a Doubt by Dr. Sweety Shinde
Anusual by Anu Aggarwal
Abhaya by Saiswaroopa Iyer

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Here books are seen through the eyes of Ravish Mani, who is fascinated with people’s mind because mind is the only connecting link between finite human & infinite God, and books provide him ample opportunity to reach many minds. You, too, can know a lot about his mind by reading his works.

You don't read a book, you read a mind.


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Dr. Sweety Shinde

You analysed me as minutely as you did my novel. Honored to be reviewed by you. And very highly impressed by your indepth, interlinked, intuitive inroads into innermost recesses of my mind.

Ekta Sehgal Pandit

Your review is indeed exhaustive and it is evident that you have been able to delve deep into the layers of my mind. It's an honour to have someone review your work so thoroughly. 

Rakesh Pandey

I think he has an eerie 6th sense. This is the second time I saw his acumen and was flummoxed. He was infallible. It was as if he was sitting with me when I was thinking about the story or he has access to a window in my mind! It's eerie and Ravish, you are awesome, to say the least! 

Nihar Pradhan

I really appreciate your in-depth research and insightful interpretation, you have really read my mind.

Sunaina Sharma

He has an acumen for reading in between the lines. If you want your work to be critically appreciated, you would want him to read it. And this no flattery. I make this statement based on the comments I have received for many of the short fictional pieces and poetry I have have written.

Bushra Muzaffar

Ravish's annotations on books give an interesting perspective and more often than not it compels you to buy it. He literally gets into the mind of the author and takes pain to describe and analyse it thoroughly.

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Abhaya by Saiswaroopa Iyer

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